What is the BentoBox?

The BentoBox is a token vault that generates yield for liquidity providers. Users who deposit their tokens into the BentoBox earn an annualized percentage yield (or APY, for short). This APY is generated by charging a fee to people who use the liquidity in the BentoBox to make flash loans, and by applying community-approved strategies to the liquidity in the BentoBox. Although it may seem simple, the innovation of the BentoBox lies in its effortlessly scalable design. Unlike other protocols, the BentoBox creates a source of liquidity that any user can access with minimal approvals, minimal gas usage, and maximal capital efficiency. Its scalar design allows the BentoBox to serve as the future infrastructure for forthcoming DeFi protocols on SushiSwap, the first of which is Kashi.

In the very near future, projects will be incentivized to build on top of the BentoBox, and we expect a great deal of development. The BentoBox is permissionless, so any one can use it, and anyone can build on top of it.