How to Get Started on Sushi
Getting started on is extremely simple. Unlike some traditional finance services, you won't need to create an account because all you need is a cryptocurrency wallet and some tokens, and/or Ether. To use SushiSwap, regardless of transaction, you will need Ether (ETH) to execute transactions, because ETH is used to pay gas fees. Please ensure that you have a balance of ETH in your digital or hardware wallet that you plan to use on Sushi.
If you do not have any Ethereum (ETH) you will need to purchase some from a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that serves your region. If you need help with finding an exchange to purchase Ethereum (ETH), we encourage you to ask one of our helpful community members in our Discord server, here:
Once you and your wallet are ready, go to, enter the app and connect your wallet to get started!
An important note: Sushi is connected to a multitude of side chains, which use different currencies, other than ETH, for transaction fees. To make things easier, this tutorial will a the process of using Sushi first chain on which Sushi was built: Ethereum.
Last modified 4mo ago
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