Where and how can I stake my SUSHI for xSUSHI? Follow this link: https://app.sushi.com/stake. You can stake your SUSHI for xSUSHI by connecting your wallet, clicking Enter Amount, and approving the transaction on your digital wallet. If I stake my xSUSHI on another platform do I continue to earn SUSHI rewards? Yes, you do. Your SUSHI rewards will continue to accrue. You can view your rewards here: https://app.sushi.com/stake.
What is the current ROI for xSUSHI staking? You can check the ROI for xSUSHI here: https://analytics.sushi.com/bar. Please note that this number changes continuously due to fluctuating trade volume in our exchange and the number of SUSHI staked in the bar. It therefore is difficult for us to present future predictions on its development.
Why is my xSUSHI balance lower than my Sushi balance? When you stake your SUSHI tokens, you “purchase” a share of the xSUSHI pool. Because xSUSHI appreciates in value compared to SUSHI, the amount of xSUSHI you get for your SUSHI decreases overtime. Are voting rights retained on your SUSHI/xSUSHI after depositing into BentoBox? Currently, voting rights are not retained when depositing. Where do staking rewards come from? From exchange trade fees (0.05%).
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