Vesting FAQ
As of March 29, 2021, any new SUSHI Rewards will no longer be subject to a 6 month vesting period, and will be harvested weekly.
Prior to March 29, 2021, what share of my SUSHI rewards were vested? 66.6%
For how long are my SUSHI rewards vested? 6 months from the moment they are earned. So, if you earn 10 SUSHI, today you can harvest 1/3 immediately, and the remaining 2/3 after 6 months of waiting. After March 29, 2021, any new SUSHI rewards are no longer subject to the 6 month vesting.
Must I stay staked to receive my vested SUSHI rewards? You can unstake at any time. Your vested (locked up) yield will still be available to you when their lock-up time is over.
When can I collect my vested SUSHI? They can be harvested 6 months from the time you/your pool earned the rewards.
Where can I check my vested SUSHI balance?
How is the vested SUSHI going to be distributed? The community has voted on this proposal:
Vested SUSHI has begun being harvested weekly, as of March 29 2021.
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