SushiSwap FAQ
What are the official SushiSwap websites? Where can I check my staked SLP (SUSHI Liquidity Provider) tokens value?
What is impermanent loss? CoinMarketCap defines impermanent loss as “the temporary loss of funds occasionally experienced by liquidity providers because of volatility in a trading pair.” To put this into perspective, if you are holding an LP token, and one of the assets depreciates in value in the short term, but gradually returns to the original price, then you would have lost value "impermanently." Alternatively, if the same asset appreciated in value before reverting to the mean, you would have had "impermanent gains." These metrics can help liquidity providers balance their portfolios for optimal ratios. For instance, if you think a token will appreciate, and then revert to the mean, you might provide liquidity before it appreciates, just to accumulate the fees for that duration. If you'd like to learn more about impermanent loss, the following articles may be useful: Where can I calculate my impermanent loss? My SLP’s aren’t showing up on the site or in my wallet? If you have staked your Sushi Liquidity Provider tokens (SLP) in any of our farms, or on other platforms, the tokens are not in your wallet anymore and thus can't be tracked. If you wish to liquidate your position (exchange the SLP tokens back to the provided tokens), you must first unstake them from any farms. You can, however, check the value of your SLP tokens at
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