Presskit & Branding Assets

Our ecosystem is growing rapidly, so we will now be providing access to our branding assets as they become available and approved for public use. We will have a comprehensive presskit available on this page in the very near future. In the meantime, please use the below branding assets for any graphics requirements.


This logo is SushiSwap's official logo and should be used across the board.

Main logo - alternate styles

Logo with chopsticks.

Intended use case: All larger representations of the logo, such as articles, part of larger images, profile images, and so forth.

Intended use case: this logo should be used EXCLUSIVELY for xSUSHI.

Social Media

This pack contains various illustrations, as well as logos, aimed for use on Discord, Medium, Twitter, and WeChat.

Favicon pack

This pack contains instructions and favicon files to desktop and mobile browsers.

Illustrations & Animations

These packs contain various illustrations for use across our ecosystem where need be, or as a base for further graphical development.