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Sushi Guard

MEV, Front running, and arbitrage Protection for Sushi users


You can enjoy these protections on more than just the Sushiswap DApp! They are for Ethereum mainnet only for now.

  • Primary
  • Backup

Sushi Guard protects you from ‘MEV’ - Maximal Extractable Value.

It is built using Sushiswap's RPC Infrastructure managed by Manifold Finance.

MEV is the crypto-version of arbitrage trading / high-frequency trading that you typically see on Wall Street. Arbitrage bots are used to monitor the network, and when you submit a transaction, they will submit a transaction of their own and "bribe" the miner to place their transaction before yours and ten after your transaction. This is called "Sandwiching". This has the effect of manipulating price and volume and is used to make a profit from your trades.

Sushi Guard mitigates this type of malicious MEV by leveraging the power of the OpenMEV network.

OpenMEV docs and Flashbots

✅ Sushi Guard protects traders from MEV: Maximal Extracted Value. MEV occurs when arbitrage bots see your transaction and use it to arbitrage against other users to extract value from it.

What does Sushi Guard do?

Why use Sushi Guard?

Tutorial: How to configure how Sushi Guard works

When you access the Sushi DApp online, you can control the settings for Sushi Guard by accessing the settings panel. (

Remember: Never, ever, share any private keys or send anyone money, even for a test transaction! Support will never ask you to do these things, no exceptions!



Toggle to disable or enable Sushi Guard


Trading using Sushi Guard

Sushi Guard works with any token that is available on SushiSwap! Below we have an example of a trade with $FOLD. Any supported token will work!

Sushiswap - Confirm Swap Detailed View

SushiSwap - Confirm Swap Detailed View

Signing your transaction

In this example, we are using MetaMask wallet.

Signature Request Confirmation

Signature Request Confirmation



Steps to report issues: Just follow the steps below; otherwise, send a support ticket:

Expires: 2024-02-15T08:01:00.000Z