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How to Participate in a MISO Auction

Please note that while the final form of the UI will continue to change, the primary functions, inputs and information can be expected to stay relatively similar. This page will be revised as we adapt our Auction pages. The Auction example used below is for explanatory purposes only. Token price, amount, auction duration, descriptors and the like are not indicative of any real auction. MISO is permission-less and anyone can create an auction, Sushi is not responsible of the quality of the projects listed and we ask users to do proper research before investing in any auction!

MISO is currently available on both the Harmony and Ethereum networks. When landing on the MISO home page, you can see all of the auctions that are currently live, as well as any auctions that have finished or are upcoming. Browse though them and find the one (or two, or three, or four) that you are interested in!

In the following example, we will use the auction created in the previous guide: How to Create a MISO Auction

Filter auctions by live, upcoming and finished

When clicking on an auction, you will be redirected to the auction page. This page is dedicated to that specific auction and contains all of the given information about the auction, including the token and the project running it.

At the top you can find the current state of the auction, the auction type, if it is private or public, time left, amount left, price, chart representation and how much you can commit:

State of the Auction

There are currently 3 type of auctions available on MISO, you can find more info about their specificities here.

On the bottom half of the page you can find more details relating to the auction, the project and its commit history. The Auction Details, Commitments and About Project tabs can all be toggled through here.

Auction Details

Commit History

Please take your time and do your due diligence before committing to any auction!

Once you feel confident that you have all of the information needed and want to move forward with participating in the auction, scroll up and enter the number of tokens you want to commit to the auction. Before being able to participate, you first will need to approve the auction contract (if spending $ETH you will not need to approve); once done you can finally commit!

Auction Approval

Congratulations! You have now successfully participated in a MISO auction, go kill some time and come back once the auction has ended - if it is successful, you will be able to claim your tokens! If the auction failed, you will still be able to get your initial investment back.