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How to Place a Limit Order

Limit Order v2 is currently deployed on Polygon. To access the limit order feature, follow this link and the subsequent prompts to connect your wallet to the network. When you have completed this, you will see that you can select a token to sell, a token to buy, and the desired conversion or limit price. In the image below, the user has selected the MATIC/USDC pair, and he has selected the current market price as the conversion rate of the limit order.

You will also notice that the user has the ability to move funds from their Metamask to their BentoBox wallet, if you look above the swapper, to the toggle function. Limit Order v2 is built on top of the BentoBox, so if your wallet is interacting with this interface for the first time, you will need to approve the limit order function and deposit tokens into the BentoBox to use, as below.

After you have deposited tokens into the BentoBox, you can place your limit order. In the two images below, the user first clicks the Current button to determine the market price, and in the second image, they lower the price in the bottom price box to the desired price.

When you click Review Limit Order, you will be prompted with a pop-up message asking you to confirm the limit order (left image). After you confirm on the pop-up, you will be asked to sign the transaction on your digital wallet; this is a gasless signature (right image).

If you then click My Orders in the upper right hand of the swapper box, you will see your open orders, as in the left image below. Once the price is in the desired range, limit orders on SushiSwap may take 3-5 minutes to execute. Once the order has been executed, you will see your order in your order history, as in the right image below.