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How to Multichain: Polygon

Sushi had the pleasure of announcing its first non-Ethereum Mainnet yield farms on the Polygon network in early May, 2021.

The following Medium article details how to use Sushi's swap function, participate in yield farms, and perform lending activities on Kashi, all while using the Polygon (formerly Matic) network:

Polygon - ETH Bridge

If you are looking to bridge assets from the Ethereum Network over to Polygon (MATIC), please see the following link:

Once connected with your wallet, please click Move funds from Ethereum to Polygon.

LP Rewards on Polygon

After an initial experimental budget for 3 months, rewards for incentivized Liquidity Provision, as well as Kashi Lending, will run indefinitely.

MATIC Faucet

If you have moved funds to Polygon network and do not have any $MATIC for gas, you will be unable to do any transactions. This is similar to not having any $ETH on the Ethereum network to pay for gas to cover your transaction costs. Please try the following links to MATIC Faucets, where they will send you a small amount of $MATIC to get you going.