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The ConstantProductPoolFactory is responsible for creation of ConstantProduct pools.

The full contract can be found here

Read-Only Functions


function getDeployData() external view override returns (bytes memory, IMasterDeployer);

Returns the deployment data that was used to deploy the current Constant Product Pool instance. This function is called in the constructor of the ConstantProductPool.

  • The cachedDeployData is returned which contains the parameters used to deploy the pool.
  • Additionally, it also returns the masterDeployer casted as an IMasterDeployer.


This function doesn't take any parameters.


cachedDeployDatabytesThe cached deployment data of the pool.
IMasterDeployerIMasterDeployerThe masterDeployer contract address casted as IMasterDeployer.


function calculatePoolAddress(
address token0,
address token1,
uint256 swapFee,
bool twapSupport
) external view returns (address);

Calculates the expected address of a pool with the provided parameters. It uses the create2 opcode which allows for deterministic addressing of contracts.

  • The function generates a salt which is a hash of the parameters.
  • Then it calculates a hash which includes the salt, the bytecode of the pool, and the address of the current contract (factory).
  • Finally, it casts the hash to an address and returns it.


token0addressaddress for one of the tokens in the pair
token1addressaddress for the other token in the pair
swapFeeuint256swap fee for the pool
twapSupportboolindicates if the pool supports Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) oracles


addressThe calculated address of the pool.

State-Changing Functions


function deployPool(bytes memory _deployData) external returns (address pool);

Deploys a new Constant Product Pool, a type of liquidity pool used in automated market makers (AMMs) with a constant product formula. The function requires details about the two tokens to be included in the pool, the swap fee for the pool, and whether the pool supports time-weighted average price (TWAP) oracles.

  • The function first decodes the _deployData into the respective parameters.
  • If the address of tokenA is greater than tokenB, the function swaps the order of the tokens to ensure a consistent order of tokens across all pools.
  • The _deployData is then re-encoded with the correct order of tokens and any additional data is stripped off.
  • The function generates a salt for creating the pool, which is a hash of the _deployData.
  • The _deployData is temporarily cached in cachedDeployData, and then the pool is created using the new keyword with the salt.
  • The cachedDeployData is then cleared.
  • Finally, the function registers the pool using the _registerPool function.


_deployDatabytesThe deployment data for the pool, which includes the addresses of the two tokens to be included in the pool, the swap fee, and a boolean indicating whether the pool supports TWAP oracles.


pooladdressThe address of the newly deployed pool.


This function throws an error if there is an issue with deploying the pool.


event PoolCreated(address poolAddress, address tokenA, address tokenB);


modifier onlyMasterDeployer();