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Vaults & Escrow

There are many reasons a project may wish to store a supply of tokens in a vault, in addition to choosing the how, why and when of their eventual release. Our Fermentation selections make the locking away of tokens before and during a launch simple and manageable, working seamlessly with our Markets, Farms and Liquidity Migration contracts to ensure funds get to where they need to be - and stay there. On the other end, the management of token release from vaults can be set up, with timelock & multi signatory release options at launch.

At its simplest, MISO Fermentation options allow "Set and Forget" token unlocks - just send the amount to lock and set the duration. However, the Vault and Escrow options can be combined in many ways to create the exact flavor of trustless fund transfer and storage your project and community requires. Using open-source Vault contracts, as with all Ingredients in MISO, assures all participants in a token launch that they're getting what they were promised - and funds are safu.

Vault & Escrow Options

All Vaults will be able to receive a batch of tokens - this can be from a batch of tokens minted in the MISO factory, sent from an outside address or set to receive a portion of funds collected during a project's market sale. Owners will set any additional addresses, such as admins and release wallet addresses, according to their needs.

Timelock release

Timelock Vaults are set to release after a given amount of time. In addition to setting the time frame of the vault, an address must be assigned to receive released funds.


A Vault with various controls and parameters governing the release and management of the funds inside. Namely, Multi-Sig vaults require the assigning of multiple administrator addresses and a quorum between them to be defined to allow interaction with the vault contract.