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Furo is a token-streaming and vesting creation platform that greatly simplifies payroll and enables users granular control over the entire process. It works by creating money streams for tokens, so that these tokens can then be “streamed” to their recipient over any timeframe desired.

As an example, using Furo token streams could allow entire companies and organizations to divest themselves of the cumbersome admin payroll process and allow them to make a one-time deposit to the contract that can then begin to "stream" the money deposited directly to their employees! The stream can be topped off by the employer whenever they wish, and Furo will continue to disseminate the funds accordingly.

Token vestings can also be created using Furo, with fully-customizable cliffs and schedules included. This aspect of Furo can be extremely helpful for setting up token vestings to core team members or for simplifying and implementing an entire initial token allocations, right from the jump.