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Proposals & Voting

Any member of the community is welcome to post a proposal on our forums, but please try and follow the set out template that is shown when creating a thread so that the proposals can be easily read through by the prospective voters. If you desire a poll to be added to your thread, please contact a member of the core team or a community team member.

Your proposal can gain enough traction to be brought up for voting on our Snapshot voting platform by the core team, where the community will vote with SUSHIPOWAH to decide the outcome.

Our Snapshot voting platform can be found here, where all Sushi proposals are housed.

SUSHIPOWAH is our voting metric, and is decided as follows:

Each $SUSHI in the SUSHI-ETH pool is worth 2 SUSHIPOWAH

Each $SUSHI held via xSUSHI tokens is worth 1 SUSHIPOWAH

For a vote to pass and become binding, it must gain a quorum of at least 5 million SUSHIPOWAH.

Please note: To be an eligible voter for any proposal on our Snapshot, you must have SUSHIPOWAH from any or all of the 3 above options at the time of the vote being started. This means that you cannot simply buy $SUSHI tokens to vote on an already ongoing vote, and is meant to reduce the risk of influence by whales and flashloaners.