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Current Governance Model

SushiSwap is ultimately governed by its community, via forum discussions and, when pertinent, voting on proposals held on the SushiSwap Snapshot. At this time, only proposals posted to the Snapshot voting system by the CORE can be considered binding if passed with a quorum.

Major structural changes and use of the devfund wallet are voted on by the community, whereas smaller changes affecting operations, as well as changes of SushiSwap menu farming pairs, are decided on by the core team. The mandate for this comes from the following proposal:

Any use of the devfund wallet requires that the Multisig sign it, which they will only do if it is clearly by the will of the community and has had a passing vote by quorum. There must be at least 4 out of 6 signatures for a transaction to be approved.

The Multisig members are trusted members of the DeFi & Ethereum ecosystem: @Mable_Jiang, @0xSami_, @nickjrishwain, @0xChop, 0xMaki, @DeFi_Ted

Any changes that are within the purview of the core team, such as rebalancing and administration of farming pools and use of the growth fund, must pass the Operations Multisig with at least 3 signatures.

The Ops Multisig members are: @MatthewLilley, @0xJiro, @LufyCZ, @sarangprikh22, @chillichelli, @OlaStenberg__

Our goal is to establish a DAO with working, trustless governance. This is not an easy task by any measure, and is not something that will be rushed. All are welcome to discuss how the future DAO should work, as well as how the current governance model works, by participating on our forums and in the #governance channel of our Discord server.