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Sushinomics FAQ

What is $SUSHI's hard cap?

250 million $SUSHI, to be reached in November 2023.

What's the current block reward?

You can view our projected emissions curve and supply totals here:

I see different APY/APR % on other sites. What's accurate?

The most accurate source for yield percentage is currently our main website The APY displayed does not include fees you earn as a liquidity provider (0.25% of trade fees in the pool you supply liquidity to). We are working to ensure the numbers displayed are consistent everywhere.

How much goes to the dev fund?

10% of $SUSHI / block

Where can I check the dev fund balance?

What is the fee breakdown?

0.25% for LPs + 0.05% for xSUSHI. (Note: Until Dec 2023, xSushi fees are directed to treasury as per the passed Kanpai 2.0 proposal)

When will the $SUSHI rewards end?

The 250M cap will be reached in November 2023.