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Governance/Voting FAQ

What are the Multisigs and who are the signers?

The Multisigs are the ultimate decision-makers in the SushiSwap ecosystem. The Treasury Multisig wallet is composed of 6 prominent and trusted members of the DeFi/Ethereum ecosystem, and they must approve any use of the devfunds. A transaction requires at least 3 out of 6 signatures to pass and be executed. Signers of Treasury Multisig: @MatthewLilley, @0xGasper, @0xJiro, @LufyCZ, @sarangprikh22, @chillichelli

The Ops Multisig is primarily composed of core team members and is the hurdle that needs to be passed for any changes to our smart contracts. Any transaction to be executed requires at least 3 signatures out of 6. Signers of the Ops Multisig: @MatthewLilley, @0xGasper, @0xJiro, @LufyCZ, @sarangprikh22, @chillichelli

What's the role of the Operations Multisig?

Adding / removing pools; changing pool weights (rewards); changing the $SUSHI block reward; approving transactions coming out the growth fund; overall changes to the smart contracts.

What's the role of the Treasury Multisig?

Approving transactions coming out of the devfund.

How many signers are needed?

3 for Ops, 3 for Treasury

Can anyone submit a governance proposal?

Yes! Any member of the SushiSwap community is welcome to submit a proposal here:

How can a proposal be pushed to a vote?

If a proposal gathers enough community interest, enthusiasm and engagement, it is then reviewed by the core team. If approved, a formal vote can be submitted here

How do I vote?

You can vote here

Do I have to pay gas to vote?

Nope! It's completely free.

How is my SUSHIPOWAH calculated?

SUSHI-ETH pair: 1 $SUSHI in the pool = 2 SUSHIPOWAH

xSUSHI (staked $SUSHI): the number of staked $SUSHI (it will change over time as your $SUSHI balance grows) = your SUSHIPOWAH

How much SUSHIPOWAH is needed to reach quorum on a proposal?

5 million SUSHIPOWAH.