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Token Listings & Partnership Requests

You can find our partnership portal through

Permission-less pool creation & swaps

At the heart of Sushi is a permission-less DEX, thus anyone can create pools and swap for tokens through the protocol. If a token is not in the current default list, it can be searched for via the token address.

How can I get my project’s token on the default list?

Though it isn’t requirement for users to swap and supply liquidity in the protocol, our default list makes it easier for users finding tokens. Thus projects that wish to have their token show in the default swap list will need to submit their information via form through the token listing requests page.

Sushi generally approves most tokens that submit a request through the partner portal that have enough liquidity & swap volume to warrant their addition. Also being listed on a service such as CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap will improve chances of being listing in most cases.

Keep in mind that filling out your token’s details through the partner portal doesn’t guarantee being added to the default list. Asking for your token to be added through Discord or other means isn’t going to increase the chances of yourn token being added.

Looking for something else? Or ideas for other ways to partner with Sushi?

Looking to get introduced to the Sushi team for other related means that include: DeFi product integrations, sponsorships, events, and other means of partnership

You can do so through the Partnership Request Form.