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Furo enables you to create money streams for tokens to be "streamed" to an account over a set amount of time, with the ability to vest those tokens as well as withdraw whenever needed. This opens up endless neat capabilities for agreements that require constant "streams" of payment!

As an example, using Furo token streams could allow entire companies and organizations to divest themselves of the cumbersome admin payroll process and allow them to make a one-time deposit to the contract that can then begin to "stream" the money deposited to their employees, who get the added bonus of physically seeing their wallet balance go up daily (unless you set the stream to have longer periods between streams - fully customizable!). The stream can be topped off by the employer whenever, and the contract will keep doing its thing!

And not only that... it's all on top of the BentoBox as well!

Below you will find additional details on the two core contracts used in Furo, FuroStream and FuroVesting and their routers (streams and vestings are made directly through their respective routers, as opposed to through the base contracts), as well as the interfaces used in each. As always, if you still have any further comments / questions, hit up our Samurais in the Discord and they'll be glad to help out!