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Below is a list of interfaces used in the aforementioned BentoBox contracts.


interface IFlashBorrower {
function onFlashLoan(
address sender,
IERC20 token,
uint256 amount,
uint256 fee,
bytes calldata data
) external;
interface IBatchFlashBorrower {
function onBatchFlashLoan(
address sender,
IERC20[] calldata tokens,
uint256[] calldata amounts,
uint256[] calldata fees,
bytes calldata data
) external;

Interfaces for both the FlashBorrower contract and the BatchFlashBorrower contract; source code can be found here.


interface IStrategy {
function skim(uint256 amount) external;
function harvest(uint256 balance, address sender) external returns (int256 amountAdded);
function withdraw(uint256 amount) external returns (uint256 actualAmount);
function exit(uint256 balance) external returns (int256 amountAdded);

Interface for the Strategy contract; source code can be found here.


interface IWETH {
function deposit() external payable;
function withdraw(uint256) external;

Standard interface for wrapped ETH; source code can be found here.